Toronto, New York, Tokyo? Where I’ll Be and What’s on My Travel List 2018!

Toronto, New York, Tokyo? Where I’ll Be and What’s on My Travel List 2018!


Every single year, I start off making a list of goals. This list does not only include goals regarding my bachelor’s degree or my work for Jute Fashion Magazine but also the places I definitely want to see in my lifetime. In 2017, I ate the best carrot cake ever in  Madrid over the Easter holidays, explored all the Gossip Girl spots in New York City over  Summer and got sunburned while missing a boat in Santorini in Autumn. To me, traveling is the best thing you can buy with money! No designer handbag, no fancy car or expensive watch could ever give you what exploring the globe does! There isn’t this saying “Travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer” for nothing! So, for 2018, I made a new list of travel goals and today, I want to share this one with you guys!



Amsterdam is one of these spots that has been on my list for quite a while now. Unlike Paris, for example, I don’t have a specific landmark I want to see or a special experience I want to make. It’s more about the aesthetics of the place that I want to capture in a photo and for myself. As I write this blog post, I’ve actually already packed my stuff and I’m just waiting for a few more hours to go by before heading to the airport.


Yes, 2018 is the year that Toronto did not only make it on my list but also in my calendar. I’ll be spending about four days there and apart from old-school sightseeing I’ll also be taking a photography class to improve my skills a little.


Of course, I could not be on the North American continent and only stay within the Canadian boarders! So from Toronto, I’ll take a plane to Boston and spend a few more days there. In Boston, I’ll finally get a look at two landmarks that have been on my list since I was a little kid: the “Tipton” hotel from “The Suite Life” (I’m wondering whether I’ll meet Zack and Cody or even better Mr. Moseby) and Harvard University. This bucket list item goes way back to my Gilmore Girls days. I was obsessed with this tv show and when Rory originally wanted to attend Harvard after her graduation and study journalism – so did it. She then decided to go to Yale and I went to Vienna. I guess, we both made the smarter choice 😀

New York:

You might have already figured; I could not be on the East Coast and not visit THE city. Last Summer, I spent 3 weeks there doing a language course and back then I already knew, I had to come back.

London and Lisbon:

These two trips are actually already behind me. But, they were on my 2018-travel-list as well, so I figured they deserve to be on here too! My two friends (shoutout to Vero and Maria) and I went to London in February and let me tell you; I’ve never been this cold in my whole entire life. London – definitely worth a visit but should you go in the winter time, make sure to pack extra sweaters and coats. Over Easter break this year, I went to beautiful Lisbon (I wrote a blog post about it – check it out). 


Although Tokyo won’t be happening in 2018, it technically deserves to be mentioned since the whole planning process has already started.

Well, that’s from me for now – I’ll catch my flight to Amsterdam.

What are your travel plans for this year? Let me know in the comments!



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