Two perfectly planned days in New York City PART 1

Two perfectly planned days in New York City PART 1


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Some time ago, my bestie asked me if I could show her friend around since she planned on coming to NYC for a couple of days. I started planning two full days of NYC fun and sightseeing with food stops and a lot of amazing photo opportunities but the plan never actually went from theory to praxis. Her friend cancelled her flight and so I had a perfectly fine and thought through 48 hours day but nobody to show around. So I thought why not post it on my blog and hopefully, out there is somebody who could need it! This here is the first part and the second one will be up in a few days:






Breakfast: Pause Cafe – Lower East Side

Every good day starts with breakfast or as my bestie would say “a day without breakfast hasn’t started yet”. A great place to start the day right is the Pause Cafe in the Lower East Side. I can’t recommend the Berry Bowl enough! And that comes from me a.k.a. fruit and berry critic. Usually, I let my friends eat the berries whenever some dessert etc. comes with those sour little suckers on top. So, the idea of ordering something completely consisting of berries is kind of far-fetched. But this bowl is different! It’s fruity, it’s sweet, it’s tasty. The berries are fully ripe and the coconut flakes optional but advisable. Ideal for people who love the healthy (and oh so instaworthy) breakfast. By the way, lazy people and morning grouches can also order it via UberEats (that’s how I got to know this one).



Noon: Free Ferry to Staten Island

The view you get of New York’s downtown is priceless, the ferry ride free and super relaxing – especially, on hot Summer days. You can also see the Statue of Liberty from the boat, without stopping at Ellis Island (which, believe me, is pretty crowded and unnecessary anyway). Staten Island is kind of boring (and a little creepy to be honest) but should you be up for a walk, feel free to explore it. Most tourists, however, take the ferry straight back to Manhattan and experience the stunning view that people from all over the world had when they first arrived in New York by ship many years ago (I mean it’s not the EXACT same view since there hasn’t always been the One World Trade Center and so on but you get the idea).




Noon: Wallstreet and One World Trade Center

When you get off the ferry, you are basically already on your way to the One World Trade Center when you’re exploring Wall Street. Wall Street is the business capital of Downtown Manhattan and there is no place on this island where you’ll find more office people wearing shiny shoes and carrying fancy leather briefcases while yelling at their phones. The buildings are high, the coffee shops close earlier than in Midtown and most other parts of Manhattan and the whole area is focused on the finance people. When they go home, the area comes close to a ghost town, only tourists and people living close by make you feel like it’s still New York. The One World Trade Center is unmissable. You’ll see it from nearly every street crossing in Downtown Manhattan. At the One World Trade Center, there is also the Oculus located. The Oculus is a shopping center that offers stores like Kate Spade, Victoria’s Secret, Sephora, and many more. You could grab a snack there before or after your shopping tour.




Lunch: Bluestone Lane or  The Butcher’s Daughter

The Butcher’s Daughter is the perfect spot for everyone who likes healthy foods like avocado toasts, salads, and so much more. It’s small, it’s pretty, it’s delicious – and super popular. So, definitely no insider’s tip but hey, as long as it’s tasty who cares? Another option would be The Bluestone Lane coffee shop. If you like the Butcher’s Daughter, you’ll also enjoy the Bluestone Lane coffee shop! Avocado and salmon toasts are on point and it’s usually less crowded than the BD. Both are located in Nolita (there are also other subsidiaries) but they would be the best and closest option for the afternoon plans I’ve had in mind.




Afternoon: Soho

Soho is definitely my most favorite neighborhood EVER for exploring.  Soho is ideal for taking photos of the gorgeous iron cast buildings that the hood is so famous for, shopping in fancy stores, eating ice cream and also exploring the art scenes (so many little art galleries!). Soho is the neighborhood in New York you go to when you are into everything artsy but fancy. Broome Street, Greene Street, Houston Street, and Spring Street are the most important ones and also the ones where your wallet gets smaller while your heart gets bigger. Constant shop openings, sales, limited offers, and events will keep you entertained while close by coffee shops and cute little restaurants in sidestreets will keep you hydrated and caffeinated. One of my favorite spots in Soho: Laduree!



Not exactly typical American and definitely on the pricier side but still it feels like such a New York thing to do. If you don’t feel like sitting inside, pick up some delicious Macarons, take a walk down Prince Street, Greene Street, or Broome Street, and enjoy the view, the stores, and the people. You can walk down Houston Street, take a seat in Washington Square Park and enjoy your delicious Macarons while sipping an ice-cold lemonade and watch New Yorkers and other tourists.


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Evening: Manhattan Bridge and Brooklyn Bridge (Park)

I know that the Brooklyn Bridge is the more popular and famous one of the two but as a New York lover I can only recommend take the time and walk over the Manhattan Bridge! You could walk the Manhattan Bridge over to Brooklyn and the BK Bridge back to Manhattan if you want to! But don’t skip the Manhattan Bridge because the view is absolutely stunning, the bridge is WAYYY less crowded, and you’re faster.




The plan I made suggests walking over to Brooklyn over the Manhattan Bridge in the evening so you can snap great pictures of the sun setting over Manhattan. Then I would go to the Brooklyn Bridge Park and enjoy the rest of the sunset there. Believe me, the view is gorgeous and usually not as crowded as you might expect.



After your trip to the Brooklyn Bridge Park, I would suggest getting something for dinner. Either you could go to one of the countless food places close to the Brooklyn Bridge Park or you go back to Manhattan and for example order in. (UberEats is always a good idea) For walking back I would suggest you take the Brooklyn Bridge. Great view and less crowded at night.



This would be my plan for the first whole day exploring New York City! I hope you enjoyed reading it and the second part follows in a few days!

As always, feel free to comment whatever it is you would like to share!

Love you, guys!



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