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Hi there! Thanks for visiting my blogazine!                                                                           

My name is Marie-Christin Tripolt (aka MCT). I’m 20 years old and currently living in Vienna, Austria. I’m studying Publishing Studies and Communication Science, majoring in PR and Advertisement. Apart from my studies, I’m Features Editor of Jute Fashion Magazine and Editor in Chief of Equality Empowers Everyone

I started http://www.littlemct.com after years of thinking and planning when one night I simply decided to go for it. I wanted to create my own blog but with a twist. I love writing about topics that I think are interesting and writing from my point of view but I also wanted to incorporate something with more depth. I love fashion, traveling and reading other people’s blogs. I have also always wanted to found my own magazine, so I thought why not mix it all together and use this platform for so much more than just advise on how to style a grey jumper even though you can find that on numerous other blogs as well. For me, my blog is not just a platform that I use to share some fashion/travel/whatever content with you but it’s a representation of who I am and what is on my mind.

That’s why I founded http://www.littlemct.com. This way you get the best of both worlds: blog posts and articles about amazingly talented people that are an inspiration to me.

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xoxo, Marie-Christin